Specialist Referral Centre

Lovat House Dental is a regional centre of excellence
and dental specialist referral centre for the Cotswolds,
Gloucestershire and surrounding counties.

Lovat House Dental

Specialist Referral Centre

Our consultants and specialists are pleased to be able to provide a professional specialist referral service to other dental colleagues in the region. We are always happy to meet colleagues who wish to work in partnership with us to help manage their more complex dental cases. Patients are also able to self- refer for specialist assessment by contacting the reception team.

Specialist team members:

Mr Andrew Barber – Consultant and Specialist in Restorative Dentistry.
GDC Registered Specialist in Prosthodontics, Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Mr Greg Gerrard- Consultant and Specialist Oral Surgeon.
GDC Registered Specialist in Oral Surgery.


Specialist Dental Services Provided:

Specialist Prosthodontics/ Dental Implantology

•Management of Tooth Wear

•Management of Aesthetic/ Cosmetic Issues

• Failing dentition/ crowns/ veneers/bridgework/dentures

• Occlusal problems

• Dental implant care- single tooth to full mouth fixed reconstruction and implant retained dentures

•Managing dental implant complications/ failures

• Bone and soft tissue regeneration/ grafting in preparation for implants/ bridgework

• Fixed and removable prosthodontics. Precision dentures.

Specialist Periodontics

•Management of periodontal pocketing and furcations

•Management of infections and bone defects around teeth and implants

• Therapy for failing implants- peri-implantitis and peri-implant mucositis

• Aesthetic periodontal care- crown lengthening and treating gingival recession by covering exposed roots with Periodontal Plastic Surgery/ Guided Tissue Regeneration.

• Regenerative Periodontal Microsurgery whereby bone can be reliably regenerated around the roots of compromised teeth including certain furcation involved molars, thereby improving their prognosis long-term.

Specialist Restorative Dentistry

Management of complex restorative cases; from single tooth to whole mouth
reconstructions on teeth and/or implants and managing occlusal problems and
combined care with other specialties (e.g. Perio-Endo lesions/ Ortho-Restorative

Specialist Oral Surgery Services including:

• Assessment and removal of wisdom teeth
• Complex dental extractions
• Management of more complex oral surgical care

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In the event of an emergency

Please contact the practice as soon as possible.
Registered patients will usually be offered an appointment on the same day, if the practice is open.
We will try to accommodate new patients, but priority is always given to our existing registered patients.
During weekends and bank holidays, when the practice is closed an emergency contact number is available on the practice answering machine. This service is available to registered patients only. The on call dentist will be able to offer advice. If the practice needs to be opened for out of hours treatment a £150 call out charge may be incurred as well as charges for any treatment carried out.

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Google Reviews

Carolyn King
Carolyn King
17:53 02 Nov 20
I joined this Practice earlier this year when I had a lot of dental pain. Andrew Barber sorted everything out very quickly and efficiently and I was so pleased. Since then he has restored my teeth to their full dental health. I am very impressed by the whole team here. Amy, the hygienist, is such a perfectionist too and my teeth have never felt so clean! Their care during the current situation has been superlative too. We are lucky to have this practice in Cheltenham.read more
Ken Parker
Ken Parker
14:22 03 Oct 20
I do not normally post reviews of my experiences with service and quality in any sphere as a customer, but I make an exception following my recent treatment at Loval House Dental under the expertise of Andrew Barber and his team.It is not an exaggeration to say that he has transformed the comfort and function of my dentition beyond memory. I have only been under his care for about 2 years, with my greatest improvement in that time, for which I am very grateful.Thank you.read more
Rosemary Parker
Rosemary Parker
10:23 23 Sep 20
I have been more than pleased with the care I have received from Lovat House Dental ,especially Andrew Barber. He has restored my confidence by treating my gums back to good health having had a bad experience and bad advice from my previous dentist.read more
Magic Dave
Magic Dave
14:57 20 Jul 20
Really great friendly completely pain free service. Went in for root canal work and was very surprised at how painless and comfortable Andrew and his assistant (sorry, can’t remember her name) made it for me.We managed to complete the work in a single sitting.They’ve even phoned me a few times since to check that everything is still ok.Which is nice.I would definitely recommend Lovat House for anyone looking for a dentist.I now fear the tattooist more than the dentist.read more
Ellie Thomas
Ellie Thomas
18:50 19 Jul 20
My Barber suggested that I should see my GP regarding the acid erosion I had been experiencing for many years. As a result of this, and the investigations that followed, I was diagnosed with a Haitus Hernia. It is clear that this had been causing acid erosion and I am now on appropriate medication to reduce acid reflux. I am very grateful to Mr Barber for identifying that there was a medical problem underlying my tooth erosion issues.read more
J Allison
J Allison
20:17 24 Mar 20
Mr. Barber carried out a dental implant for me, filling a gap that I have had for some years. I am very happy with the result – I now have my smile back! He ran through the process thoroughly at the beginning, and at each step of the treatment. He explained both the work to be done at each stage and the costs involved. I am happy to reccomend the practice to anyone considering having this kind of work done.read more
Thomas Waldron
Thomas Waldron
17:32 06 Dec 19
I visited Andrew following the completion of my orthodontic treatment to see what could be done to improve the appearance of one “peg” tooth. He talked me through the pros and cons of all the options available. I elected to have a composite build up and I am so pleased, the tooth looks absolutely fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to friends and family.read more
Andy 2019
Andy 2019
06:58 11 Sep 19
Andrew has worked wonders with my teeth both aethsetically and restoritively and I would recommend him to others.
Lee Mercer
Lee Mercer
15:05 13 Dec 18
It was a delight to find Dr James Barber after many years of indifferent treatment on the NHS. I have now been now registered with James for nearly 5 years and had a number of dental treatments. Every treatment has been painless and without complication. James is both extremely professional and very personable, I’d have no hesitation in recommending him.read more
Hit Pan
Hit Pan
18:45 05 Dec 18
Mr Andrew Barber carries our composite build-ups on my upper front teeth to improve my appearance. I couldn’t be more grateful as they look great and my confidence has increased as a result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Barber to friends and family.read more
Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander
22:07 29 Nov 18
Mr Barber did veneers on all my front teeth a few years ago. I had always been unhappy with how my teeth looked, and the result was great. Can even smile in photos now. 6 years later still look perfect. Painless and quick process. Can highly recommend him.read more
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